Remembering the reason of the holiday

“For each new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, for love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I try to celebrate “thanksgiving” every day. By not stuffing my face with turkey but by realising that I’m leading a meaningful life and that I should acknowledge that more often. For the sake of keeping myself on the very same meaningful course.

I realise I’ve got to thank myself the most. For the decisions I’ve made and for the paths that I’ve rejected. For the strive to challenge life and myself, for the warmth of my heart that has kept others and myself equally warm. For the synapses in my brain that create and solve.

I thank the people who have passed by and helped me along the way. I thank the people who have helped me achieve my goals and lifted my spirits and in some cases shown me how not to go about life. I am thankful for people who have inspired me to grow, achieve and be.

I am thankful for love, for being able to feel it, and for all the colours that it gives to life. I am thankful for the entity of family and for the meaningful reason – to nurture even better generation – it carries. I am thankful for being deliberate in fulfilling my duty in that entity.

I am thankful for masculine, traditional and caring men who make women feel women. I am thankful for loving beautiful women who give the world the beauty and motherly love it deserves. I am thankful for well raised children who don’t torture animals, yell or behave like little idiots.

I am thankful for money that can buy nice things. I am thankful for those nice things. Which reminds me I’ve been dreaming of a particular car for some time now.

I am thankful that we still have the ability to keep ourselves healthy. I’m thankful for my beautiful body.

I am thankful for the life that I live. It is simply amazing.


About change, other people’s kids and cilantro.

“And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.”
― Libba BrayThe Sweet Far Thing

Change is definitely possible and people and their preferences do change. However, sometimes it’s the observer who doesn’t want the change in someone else to happen but that’s a completely different story.

Sometimes change comes to us naturally and sometimes we need to wait for it to happen. And, true that, some things just never change.


Change can be easily triggered. Stepping out of your house when you were planning to stay in can make things change. Another person can persuade, influence, tempt or even imprison you. Change is always around the corner and sometimes it’s better when things are just the way they are. In that sense, change is like power. Comes with strings attached.

There are many things that I wish would change in me. On some I’m working harder than on the other, telling myself that I couldn’t possibly  do everything at once (while knowing that indeed I could).

  • Letting myself get irritated by idiots. Why can’t I just ignore them and be satisfied with the fact that they’re just idiots and that’s what idiots do – cause trouble, say stupid things, irritate people.
  • Other people’s kids. I don’t think they’re cute, I don’t want to see or hear them and I just couldn’t care less. But why oh why do I like animals and their young? That is what concerns me.
  • Cilantro aka Coriander. Apparently it’s genetically determined if you love it or hate it. But why does it always end up in my food? And how come I absolutely love garlic, onion, celery and all the other stuff that usually ends up on the far edge of other people’s plates?

I am working to overcome at least one of those three huge milestones in the coming decade year. As I probably can’t change what my genetics have determined then it will either be other people’s kids or idiots. Oh boy.. it’s a tough one.

Will change change you?

Inspired at Sentosa Cove

Sentosa Cove is a beautiful place. It’s slogan claims that it is “the most desirable address in the world” and I’m sure that to many it definitely is.

Who doesn’t know then Sentosa island is part of Singapore. An island nation already desirable to many. So I guess it makes Sentosa “the most desirable post box in the most desirable post office” or something.

Yesterday I noticed that one of my neighbours had bought a new Lamborghini. What a great choice! I must admit I like his taste as they already have Lexus LS and Rolls Royce in the driveway.


“The best things in life are free. But the second best things are damn expensive.”

 The sad thing is that not many of those apx. 30 million Singapore Dollar (24,201,355.28 USD) house owners are at home. Some of them have probably lost count over their properties on that expensive island. One evening while having my regular stroll I spotted some filipino maids having a house party and emptying the owners minibar by the pool. It caught me thinking that maybe the guy who bought this house is somewhere in Africa negotiating a stressful arms deal, possibly getting shot in the middle, and in the end of the day the only people enjoying the house that his efforts have earned him, are the maids.

Having lived in high-end neighbourhoods before I must say that the houses are not as tacky as they could be. Sure, there’s one or two that look like straight out of the Lord of the Rings movie set and you can’t get by without an Egyptian tomb style villa but the rest are relatively stylish and many of them are surely featured in famous design and architecture magazines. Some nice commissions those designers have made indeed.. If one thing is sure, it’s that hardly anyone has counted a cent here.

As a small-time real estate investor myself I’m not even going to comment on the price/value/profitability ratio. But I guess nice toys are not meant to be profitable. How profitable is your Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue, huh?

But what’s different from other luxury compounds is the overall feel of the community. It actually feels like home. All the other compounds I’ve experienced firsthand have always included ridiculously high concrete walls and security blinds (like hiding a porn movie set or something), hysterical dogs, crazy old marines as personal guards and whatnot. The atmosphere is never friendly. It’s more like a personal prison next to a personal prison. I actually ended up being afraid of the very same (armed!) security guards who were supposed to protect the compound..

The price tag aside, it is nice to experience groomed landscape and well thought-out residential houses. I love architecture and there’s much to marvel in Sentosa Cove. The shapes, materials, colours.. The sea overlooking Indonesian islands opens to many from their poolsides but is still left for others to enjoy as well – the seaside walkway is beautiful and somehow even simple! There I usually stop and wonder what I myself, want from life? Inspired by the beautiful villas it’s mostly wondering “how” than “what” but that’s okay.

If something gets you inspired, weather a book, a movie, a person or a way of someone’s life it has a purpose and meaning.

Sentosa Cove definitely gets you thinking.

Here’s some more reading:


Food for thought

Some Memories Are Longings

“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” 
― L.M. MontgomeryThe Story Girl

Memories hunted me last night. What’s with the insomnia!?

I was dreaming of a crisp evening, darkness casting shadows on medieval walls, some candles flickering in front of restaurants that I would visit years later, cobblestones getting slippery from the approaching cold. Someone was playing a flute down the staircase, in the basement music studio. I was rushing home from school and breathing in the memories that would stay with me forever.

And then there’s the winter house. The sun reflecting from the morning snow that has reached the windowpanes. The silence. Maybe there’s a hint of cinnamon in the air. Maybe I’m waiting for someone to serve me pancakes. But maybe I’m the one serving. I have a very nice car in the driveway and it warms up inside by the press of a remote button.

I’m on the island and my house has a grass roof. At least on the part that’s not covered with solar panels. It’s summer solstice and the friends are about to arrive from the city. I’m cooling the wines, he’s working in the shade on this laptop. It’s a hot summer day and we’re on a holiday. 








Welcome to the material world.


Making use of things (while remaining a well rounded considerate person.)

“It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.”
― Albert Einstein



Altruism is a nice phenomena and I find myself engaged in that activity ever so often. However the satisfaction I get out of it makes me think of it as more of a barter deal than just plain giving.

To be true, all (trans)actions should be utilised. And every step you take should carry a greater motive.

With enough training one should be able to:


– Treat every step taken, every visit paid as a way to learn new things and get wiser.

– Make every contact directly teach you something you can immediately benefit of.

– Make every physical move you make have an effort at least on your body’s improvement.

– Don’t underestimate silence – plain thinking in stillness.




1. Being a “Yes-man” (google?) you promised your colleague to attend her brothers wedding. She is indian, he is obviously indian and surprise-surprise the bride’s an indian too! So the wedding is also very much chinese (INDIAN!) But you have a nice book you could read instead and you don’t particularly like indian food. But you go. Because you will learn how the 17,3 percent of the world’s population lives, what they believe, what they purchase, where they invest and you might as well meet the rich Punjabi uncle who might cut you in on this lucrative gold deal he’s got going.

2. You received a stupid e-mail from your retarded college mate? Drop him a note back, asking what is he up to these days, has he started a family, has the thought about going to business, what is his take on current prime minister?You receive an instant update on your economy’s situation as you’ll see how a lower middle class person thinks, behaves, dreams. He might even surprise you with an interesting idea or two. Either to copy or avoid like plague. Priceless.

3. You know exactly how wrong it is to have a Subway after the other (Vegetarian or not!) while sitting by your computer the whole day. You need to get out and take a walk because fat ass is ugly as hell. Also your brain is showing weird symptoms. Even if you miss out on stock markets or in Facebook you need to stretch out and walk that walk. Take a stroll in the nice neighbourhood and admire the beautiful villas and Lamborghinis on the driveways.

4. And if that doesn’t get you motivated and inspired, get back to your Facebook and hook up with that retarded college mate of yours.