Getting rid of Trash

“Ours is a culture and a time immensely rich in trash as it is in treasures.”
― Ray BradburyZen in the Art of Writing

Unless you’re a pack rat you should not collect trash.

Just like you are taking out your trash every evening (or every other morning like me) you should be freeing your mind from it.

– I’ve been going through millions of my old e-mails. Sorting, deleting and blocking stuff I don’t want to see or be reminded of again. I had this neurotic perception that I should keep all my correspondence in case I need to sue someone over something in the future, so I never deleted a single message. Well, to the hell with that!

– People. Trashy people. Friends who are not actually your friends and distant relatives you wish never had your last name. No need – get rid of em’! (Don’t shoot or strangle!! Just distance yourself, avoid. It’s very easy.)

– Thoughts. The hardest of them, yet accomplishable.

– Files. Aha! This is the place where my “old school” comes into play and I need to remind myself that there is absolutely no need to keep data that can easily be accessed through google. Or random low quality snapshots taken at a party you don’t remember.

– Internet profiles you don’t use. Find yourself being subscribed to thousand different crap sellers and having a public profile in every possible social media site ever created? If you still need proof that you exist go and make another one. If not, unsubscribe.

– Belongings. Okay, you love your old sweater. Well, put it on and go out with your girlfriends. Now did your stupid old sweater still make you feel good next to their this-season attire? Ditch it and for goodness sake go and buy yourself something new.

– Guilt. We know you’re a good person. Even a good person flips the middle finger every once in a while so let things go, stop giving a .. Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do!

– Stop talking trash. Be someone you would like to meet. Find yourself back mouthing someone? Slap yourself to the face and stop becoming a trash yourself.

And.. don’t forget the actual trash. It’s really hard to get rid of those bloody ants afterwards.



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