Making use of things (while remaining a well rounded considerate person.)

“It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.”
― Albert Einstein



Altruism is a nice phenomena and I find myself engaged in that activity ever so often. However the satisfaction I get out of it makes me think of it as more of a barter deal than just plain giving.

To be true, all (trans)actions should be utilised. And every step you take should carry a greater motive.

With enough training one should be able to:


– Treat every step taken, every visit paid as a way to learn new things and get wiser.

– Make every contact directly teach you something you can immediately benefit of.

– Make every physical move you make have an effort at least on your body’s improvement.

– Don’t underestimate silence – plain thinking in stillness.




1. Being a “Yes-man” (google?) you promised your colleague to attend her brothers wedding. She is indian, he is obviously indian and surprise-surprise the bride’s an indian too! So the wedding is also very much chinese (INDIAN!) But you have a nice book you could read instead and you don’t particularly like indian food. But you go. Because you will learn how the 17,3 percent of the world’s population lives, what they believe, what they purchase, where they invest and you might as well meet the rich Punjabi uncle who might cut you in on this lucrative gold deal he’s got going.

2. You received a stupid e-mail from your retarded college mate? Drop him a note back, asking what is he up to these days, has he started a family, has the thought about going to business, what is his take on current prime minister?You receive an instant update on your economy’s situation as you’ll see how a lower middle class person thinks, behaves, dreams. He might even surprise you with an interesting idea or two. Either to copy or avoid like plague. Priceless.

3. You know exactly how wrong it is to have a Subway after the other (Vegetarian or not!) while sitting by your computer the whole day. You need to get out and take a walk because fat ass is ugly as hell. Also your brain is showing weird symptoms. Even if you miss out on stock markets or in Facebook you need to stretch out and walk that walk. Take a stroll in the nice neighbourhood and admire the beautiful villas and Lamborghinis on the driveways.

4. And if that doesn’t get you motivated and inspired, get back to your Facebook and hook up with that retarded college mate of yours.



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