About change, other people’s kids and cilantro.

“And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.”
― Libba BrayThe Sweet Far Thing

Change is definitely possible and people and their preferences do change. However, sometimes it’s the observer who doesn’t want the change in someone else to happen but that’s a completely different story.

Sometimes change comes to us naturally and sometimes we need to wait for it to happen. And, true that, some things just never change.


Change can be easily triggered. Stepping out of your house when you were planning to stay in can make things change. Another person can persuade, influence, tempt or even imprison you. Change is always around the corner and sometimes it’s better when things are just the way they are. In that sense, change is like power. Comes with strings attached.

There are many things that I wish would change in me. On some I’m working harder than on the other, telling myself that I couldn’t possibly  do everything at once (while knowing that indeed I could).

  • Letting myself get irritated by idiots. Why can’t I just ignore them and be satisfied with the fact that they’re just idiots and that’s what idiots do – cause trouble, say stupid things, irritate people.
  • Other people’s kids. I don’t think they’re cute, I don’t want to see or hear them and I just couldn’t care less. But why oh why do I like animals and their young? That is what concerns me.
  • Cilantro aka Coriander. Apparently it’s genetically determined if you love it or hate it. But why does it always end up in my food? And how come I absolutely love garlic, onion, celery and all the other stuff that usually ends up on the far edge of other people’s plates?

I am working to overcome at least one of those three huge milestones in the coming decade year. As I probably can’t change what my genetics have determined then it will either be other people’s kids or idiots. Oh boy.. it’s a tough one.

Will change change you?


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