People are animals. Animals of different subspecies.

People are animals. Animals of different subspecies.

In that I am convinced.

Some people like certain types of foods, just like some animals like some leaves better than the rest. Some type of animals just don’t get along. Some species do. They don’t necessarily mate but they might often hang around together, use same tools or eat same plant or something. But in case they do mate then a different subspecies is created. And that species might or might not get along with other species. And hell knows what that species eats.

Some human-animals are dirtier that the rest, some prone to aggressiveness, some quiet and frail. Differences vary big time, just like alligators and mice. And they don’t mate for sure.

It is completely ridiculous to expect them all to get along just like it’s ridiculous to expect all animals to eat a certain type of leaves.

People are from different species. Yes, it is sometimes hard to tell, just like it is hard to tell between a poisonous and a harmless snake. But sometimes it is very very easy to tell, just like a giraffe and a cat.

My husband seems to be from the same species that I am. On the other hand, my neighbour, definitely is not.

Why do people forget about it? So stupid.


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