The subjective cost of Peace of Mind (updated)

I never worry about action, but only inaction.

Winston Churchill


“Der Schrei Der Natur” Edvard Munch
“The Scream of Nature”

It is sometimes very hard to distinguish between fear and worry. Or decide which one is worse and more mind halting. Or have one without the other.

One thing that fear and worry does is make you totally focused. Focused on the fear and focused on the worry. Almost like nothing else existed. It’s like a bad pain in your tooth that makes you totally forgot about your aching back.

Fear and worry transforms you into a fixer. All you do from now on is focus on how to solve the problem that’s causing your fear and worry. You set everything else aside and you probe and investigate, diagnose and conclude, insure and reassure. You take actions and wait, while more fear and worry is stirred up inside you.

The energy it takes out of you can be easily compared to a medium workout. The sleep that follows after intense fear or worry is something of a phenomena. Fear and worry drain your body, mind, and most of all, your soul.

After the worry or fear has subsided and you have realised it was self inflicted you feel both stupid and relieved.You count the nerves, stress, money, relationships and time affected with the.. (here the connection in the plane broke off so I lost half of the chapter I wrote)

… Anyway – you count the nerves, stress, money, relationships and time affected with the fear and worry and yet you manage to feel relieved. Because you’ve achieved something much more valuable – that is your “peace of mind”. You know you didn’t have it in the beginning and you are completely aware that the fear and worry was actually pointless, yet you feel like you’ve accomplished something big. You’ve reached The Peace of Mind.

What a priceless state to be in! What an expensive commodity!

So, do cherish it when you happen to have it.

Or start selling insurances, it makes a hell of a good business.

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