Uniquely You



Your intuition is probably the most valuable skill you have. Just like a pretty face, it can be turned into a valuable asset when used and used wisely.

Many choose to ignore their intuition and do as they’re told. These people are working and doing things for you, me, someone else and never for themselves. Or hardly never. Sometimes they have a “wake up call” and life changes for them. Then they publish a book, like they’ve just found the holy grail. And they have. Just that it’s a pity they lost it in the first place.

Most of the answers lie inside of you. It does take patience to wait for them to emerge as final. And many can not wait and turn to others for advice and inspiration. After all, it can be hard to stand on your own for a while, to contradict, to refuse, to argue, to prove, to explain, to reason. But this is exactly what evolution is about. A dialogue, inspired by a man’s true intuition.

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