Our Lifespan

My latest problem has been fighting the notion that life is linear. It occurred to me that perceiving my existence through a linear lifespan is the source of all my anxieties and stresses. If there could only be a way I could see my life differently but start, childhood, adulthood, finish (or just plain “end”).

Has anyone cracked the code to this?

I guess it all starts with perceiving time as linear. We number days, weeks, years.. The seasons change (in a predictable manner), the bodies age, the wine matures… all linear, moving from the beginning to the end.

How tiring to my mind and body.
Do you feel the same?

I must admit moving to a climate that just has one season helps a lot. I think I didn’t age that year as much as I would in a four-seasons location. Now if I could also stop my mind telling me how everything else is perfectly scalable.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like to keep count at all. I do! But I don’t want to race.

Wouldn’t it be perfectly cute to enroll to college in the age of 50 and make your millions while 17? Retire at 25, remarry at 70 and never even think something like this could be considered odd or a linear lifespan miscalculation.

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