Is there any use of overthinking really?

If storms in a tea cup is your cup of tea..

If storms in a tea cup is your cup of tea..

Some say it helps you prepare. But how can you be sure you need to prepare? Unless you know what’s coming. But do we ever?

So what if we know all the different scenarios? Will it make us stronger? Or weaker?

What’s a surprise? Is bad surprise a punishment for not overthinking or just a case of “shit happens”? Is a good surprise an overlooked aspect in the process of overthinking?

I’m an overthinker. Ha ha, like you couldn’t tell by now. It gives me great pleasure to drive with my imaginary Bentley that I will soon buy. But when it really happens the sensation is half-lived. By that time I’m already driving with my new Rolls. In my dreams.

I don’t remember when I was last surprised. I’m not a paper boat in the waves of life.

What about you?