What Motivates You?

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” Zig Ziglar


Is Life itself enough of a Motivation?

Are you motivated by the possibility of a more intense life experience? Are you motivated to work towards results that will grant you something that would ordinarily be considered out of reach, almost rare? Are you motivated to get to know how living your craziest dreams actually feels like? Are you motivated by fear of not achieving what you thought you could? Do you feel the time ticking? Do you have hard time sitting still? Do you feel guilt, if plans don’t go like you expected? Do you understand the concept of “lost time” and “missed chance”?

Maybe you should.

Or maybe you are comfortable with your current path, your everyday life? Maybe you feel you have enough, you feel enough and you experience enough? Maybe you feel it’s all too much already, too overwhelming? You wish you could downgrade the pace, the happenings, the emotions? Maybe you just want to slow down?

And maybe you should.

Or maybe you’ve actually never thought about this. Maybe you wonder now – what motivation, why, what for? I’m fine with going with the flow. I was born and I will die and right now I’m just trying to spend the time in between as best as I can.

And you know what?

We all should.


I shall try again

I wish I could say that writing is completely foreign to me. And reading. My life would probably be easier without Kafka, Murakami or Kundera..

Oh well, let’s just see how long this blogging stint lasts. I highly doubt it helps to arrange my thoughts although this was kind of the reason I decided to take on writing again. In the form of a blog.

And I’d love to add that it’s easier to delete a blog than to burn a personal diary but then again  I’m reminded about dear Snowden and every possible institution snooping after us and I’m again very close to not continuing at all.

Alas, we shall cross that bridge when we get there.